Bienvenidos a Peru

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Bienvenidos a Peru

Imagine you are in an airplane. You look down to see the majestic mountains of Peru. You hear the sound of the plane landing on the runway. You bounce up and down as the plane slows to a stop. Walking off the plane, out of the airport, and into what seems like a dream. That is our reality. I cannot believe we are actually in Peru. Peru! It sounds weird just saying that in my mind. After two flights, we arrived in Cusco, Peru. Benjamin (who loves coke) instantly spotted a Coca-Cola advertisement and pointed to it. Sonrie, it said. Smile, in English. We were taken to our apartment by Julia, a woman at our language school. Riding down the bumpy streets, I was reminded of how much I enjoy traveling internationally.

I have gotten over the culture shock (and altitude) and now I am settling in. It is harder to breathe here. Apparently, there is 40% less oxygen here due to the high altitude. When I go up steps quickly, or exercise for a few minutes, I end up gasping for breath. I miss everyone already, but Peru is a cool place. We have now been here for 2 weeks, and it is an incredible experience. Language school is really fun and we learn a lot. I will upload some if my photos soon so you will be able to see Cusco, and I won’t need to write a thousand words for every photo.


  1. Lehman/Poulos Family
    April 25, 2012

    Adam, I remember the altitude issue from my trip to Tibet. We lived in Lhasa, the capital city, and eve it was at 14,000 feet. I had to stop in between flights of steps to catch my breath, and I stayed on the 3rd floor!

    We also hiked up to 17,000 feet. And I made it!

    Thinking of you and missing you. I’ll have Nicholas get online and write you. Are you following him on Facebook?


    • Adam
      April 27, 2012

      He can email my email or text me because as of right now I don’t have a Facebook. I find myself out of breath a lot but I am acclimatizing. That’s cool that you lived in Tibet.

  2. Jo Jo
    April 25, 2012

    So glad to here you are having a reat time. The photo on this post is beautiful.


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