Kevin Rohan Foundation

Kevin Rohan Foundation

Although we were not able to work as much with Medic Mobile as we had planned, we have worked with several other organizations. Most recently, we volunteered at the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation. We started working last Thursday and have been there since. The foundation is based around eco-friendly and cost-effective building techniques as well as sustainability in agriculture for the people of Nepal. It was started by Dr. Krishna Rohan, in memory of his son and has been featured around the world. Personally, it has been a great experience for both Adam and I to get involved in the community and help on an individual level. For example, we helped a woman and her three children rebuild their house that was destroyed during the earthquake.
Unfortunately, a few days ago while working on the house I was moving corrugated steel with the help of a local man and cut my knee open to the bone. While I am fine with only a few stitches, due to the location of the injury I have not been able to bend my knee for the last week for fear of the stitches coming undone.
While this was a setback for us, I was still able to work by helping Krishna with the organization while Adam continued helping in the community during the day. As I wait and heal we will continue looking forward to what will come.


  1. Tom Byers
    July 19, 2015

    Adam & Dawson,

    I learned about your work in Nepal through the Grace Covenant newsletter, which caused me to ask Dawson’s mom about it when I saw her at church today (Jul 19). It’s impressive that you guys put this undertaking together from scratch. Thanks for your commitment.

    P.S. Dawson, take good care of that injured knee. We trust it will heal speedily.

  2. Susan
    July 21, 2015

    Glad to hear the knee is improving. It sounds like you and Adam are finding meaningful work and contributing to the recovery efforts. Keep up the good work and keep the stories coming.


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