Next Country: Ecuador

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Next Country: Ecuador

I walk through a narrow hallway, breathing in deeply. My suitcase trails behind me, rolling ever so quietly. I watch other travelers pass by us. Next I am standing in an “immigration” line. We get our papers checked, and a woman says, “Bienvenidos a Ecuador (Welcome to Ecuador).” I cannot believe that we are already in a new country. The time in Peru seems to have passed so quickly. 3 months in Cusco. Gone. I am also very excited for the upcoming 6 months in Ecuador. From what I have heard, Ecuador is also a spectacular country.

During the last week, we have visited three cities in Ecuador: Quito, Riobamba, and Cuenca. These are the places where we might decide to stay. We have looked at schools, prices, lodging, and work in each place. We are still undecided. Benjamin and I will spend a trimester in a school, three to four months. We are both excited for the chance to find new opportunities and meet new people.

I loved Peru, and hope I will love Ecuador just the same.


My family, our Swedish friends, and I made a video that sums up our time in Peru. Not really, but it is a funny (or weird) video of us dancing in a strange hat.

(Press fullscreen with sound)

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  1. Lize-Marie
    July 18, 2012

    Hi Adam

    I wish i could have tried the hat one- I have some CRAZY moves!!

  2. Diane Cary
    July 18, 2012

    Hi Carrie-

    Sending greeting from sunny NC and an old MPHS classmate. I am really enjoying your families blogs from your trip. I have always thought it would be great to be able to pick up and go on a great adventure, but keep finding excuses why it can’t work. After reading of your experiences I may have to work harder to make it happen.

    My son, Zach, is 11 and really got a kick out of Ben’s videos and especially his Guinea Pig with Fries story. Zach goes to a new charter school in Gaston County, Mountain Island Charter, their mission is so much about Global Citizenship and 21st Century learning. I have given your blog info to one of the Humanities Teachers so don’t be surprised if you get some correspondence from the kids or school this fall.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences for those of us who are too chicken to get up and go.

    Safe Travels,
    Diane Cary

  3. John (Pots) Wagner
    July 25, 2012

    Great hat!!! You all had some goofy moves, but I think Benj won. Bring the hat home and I will show you some REAL moves. Sounds like you have some great choices for places to live. Pick the best one and enjoy.



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