Phase 2 – Practicar Español!

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Phase 2 – Practicar Español!

arequipa-colca-canyon-picks-25We were sad to leave our language school; not only because it symbolized “sink or swim,” but more so because we have developed relationships with our teachers. 20 hours per week with one-one-one tutors has given us a great foundation for the rules, grammar and vocabulary of Spanish. Now, it will take loads of practice speaking, listening, and writing in our new language. Like any other skill, it requires persistence and a willingness to fail – over and over again. The nice thing about sojourning as a family is that between the four of us, usually our message or intent can find its way into successful communication. The downside – we’re not forced to do everything individually. We enjoy taking turns hauling a taxi, sitting in the front and giving directions to our destination. In fact, most of our more fluid conversations are with taxi drivers. They are a safe playground for our Spanish practice – a 10 minute incubator, no longer-term expectation for friendship. The funny thing is that we have the same conversation with all the taxi drivers since our language is so limited. And because we take turns talking to the driver, we can critique and complement each other along the way.

We have moved from our initial apartment into a very nice home. We’re house/dog sitting for missionaries who are on furlough in Texas for 5 weeks. This works beautifully for us because over the next weeks, we need to focus on homeschooling. We will be volunteering in the afternoons at various nonprofits. During the transition of our move, we took a short jaunt into Colca Canyon, 3 hours outside of Arequipa, which was for us a 10 hour overnight bus from Cusco. Well worth the travel and the 15 hour trek. Absolutely spectacular place. For me, seeing condors fly in the canyon was the most sacred of the 3-day experience. Enjoy the photos.




  1. Missy Gluckmann
    May 16, 2012

    I love hearing what you are up to. I have practiced Spanish in many taxis and somehow it DOES feel like a safe space to try my “skills.” Please keep sharing – you and your family are teaching us so much! Abrazos!

  2. Mom Mom
    May 20, 2012

    Magnifico!! Wish we were there with you but I am not so sure about the canyon trek. I will continue to appreciate the photos.

    Love you

  3. caroline
    May 21, 2012

    Love hearing about your amazing adventure! Pictures are awesome! I like Adam’s pic of you, carrie, you look happy!

  4. Carly
    May 23, 2012

    Wagner Family-
    I’m so inspired reading your posts! This trip looks amazing and I hope that I can cruise down to Peru very soon.

    I would like to help you get in touch with my good friend, Julio, while you’re in Cusco. I am going to email him to tell him that I want you to meet. He is an amazing person that you have to meet!


    • Carrie
      June 6, 2012

      We’re in Cusco for just another few weeks. It would be best for Julio to contact us through my email, Thanks Carly. Hope you get to travel. Peru truly is amazing.

  5. Jo Jo
    May 23, 2012

    So glad everyone is having a great time and too loved the photo Adam took of you. Just reading your posts and viewing the photos brings a big smile to my face because I can see how much this time is meaning to all of you. What a wonderful experience for the whole family.


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