Settling in on Lover’s Loop

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Settling in on Lover’s Loop

After two years of sojourning, we are finally settling into a home. The first year of course, was physical travel in South America. 2013 was a mental shift, as we reentered American culture and our hometown of Asheville, NC. The year in an apartment sufficiently met our needs for shelter and security, but it never really felt like home. It was a step on our path to the next phase of our lives. Though thankful for much that transpired, my demeanor compels me to communicate honestly about the re-entry process. 2013 was extremely challenging for me. Unrealized job opportunities, unplugged from communities, uninspired for my usual creative outlets, unsure about where and where not to engage my energy; I’m glad the year is behind me.

2014 already looks more promising. Renovating a house and unpacking world treasures and lifetime memories, reminds us of the incredible people and places that have shaped our lives. After only 3 weeks since we moved (to a street called Lover’s Loop no less), our walls are already filled with art and photographs that tell stories of adventure and family life.

Yet it’s not that perfect and simple for a global heart. As much as we need stability and a community to call home, there is always a pull to the next adventure. Forever present is a fear that contentment will lead to complacency. This is the dichotic dilemma of a sojourner’s soul.IMG_0503

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