What a Blur!

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What a Blur!
boys' pyramid

Boys, Boys, Boys

This whole experience has been a blur so far.  Have you ever felt that your life was like that? Many parents say that their children grow up so fast. Like it’s a blur for them. For others, it is the week they moved, or summer camp. You know what that is for you. For me, this week has been like that.We are leaving Asheville on Friday morning. We have said goodbye to so many friends this week that I’ve lost track. Many hugs and goodbyes. We are dropping our dog Sally at a friend’s house tonight, and she will stay with them while we are gone. Just another goodbye. On the other hand, the kids in that family will have a great experience with their first dog. I am excited for the trip ahead. We will make lots of new acquaintances/friends, and have a great time. It makes it easier knowing that I will see all of these people next year. We have packed most of our clothes and things we will take with us, and every night the day we leave gets closer. A good way to think about it is the day we go to Peru is coming closer. That does excite me. FYI: We leave the country in about 1 month. We will visit family and travel before we leave.


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